Gold Country Printing

Ahhh, the life of a publisher!

You love what you do.  You work tirelessly to produce content that will spark your reader’s interest.  You write and re-write articles.  Maybe you even line up writers to contribute to your publication.  You put your sales hat on to ensure you have enough advertisers to support the publication.  You put your marketing skills together to make sure the advertising is effective for your customer.

You worry about these advertisers getting the response they are looking for to continue supporting your publication.  After all, it’s these revenues that you rely on to make a living. 

You have deadlines to meet.  You keep up your computer skills, balance the books, procure the revenue, and maybe take care of payroll and all the government gyrations that come with running your business. 

Oh, and you have to get that darn thing printed, too!

That’s where we come in!  We consider ourselves to be the Publisher’s Printer because we are more than a commercial print shop.

We own and operate 15 different publications of our own.  We live the life described above, ourselves.

With a daily newspaper, several weekly newspapers and a few niche magazines, we know the importance of content and advertising.  We also know that nothing happens unless that publication hits the streets on-time and in great condition. 

Our Customers Say…

“We have been printing our high-quality monthly magazines with Gold Country for more than 6 years and we are exceptionally happy with the result.  Their whole team is dedicated to our success and they take it very seriously.  If a problem arises, they are there to help solve it.  We would recommend this company highly.  We have worked with other printers and Gold Country always meets and even surpasses our expectation.”  

C&J Hastings, 6 year customers


“GCM has been printing our Shoppers sine 1994.  They must be doing something right to keep our business this long!  The crew and management are very professional and we never have to worry about our deadlines as they stay on top of it all from start to finish.  I highly recommend them for your printing needs!”

J. Scott, 17 year customer